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7 Jewelry Hacks Every Jewelry Lover Should Know

1. If you buy cheaper jewelry, buy jewelry made from darker and heavier metals.
When jewelry is too shiny it often looks way cheaper aswel.
2. Use beer to clean gold jewelry and use ketchup to clean silver jewelry. 
You can probably find these excellent jewelry cleansers in your own fridge!

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3. Use dish soap and a toothbrush to keep your diamonds looking sparkly. 
Another easy trick to clean your beautiful jewelry. Just put some dish soap on a toothbrush. Brushing the dirt of your diamond is just that easy!
4. Sweat, seawater and perfume don't go well with jewelry.
Better leave your favorite pieces at home when you go to the beach. And, be careful when you finish your look of the day off with some perfume.

5. Put your necklaces trough a straw.
How annoying is it when your dainty necklaces get tangled. Next time when you travel, just put them true a straw!

6. Keep your jewelry in a see trough box.
Like this you can see easily when you made a mess of your collection. You are also more likely to put your jewelry away nicely when you can see every single piece.

7. Baby oil, a needle and baby powder is all you need to untangle your necklaces.
Baby oil and baby powder make your necklaces a bit slippery so you can untangle them more easily. Use a needle to take out small knots you cannot get to otherwise.

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